Trip Advisor 101

Feeling the breeze yet?

Already planning a getaway from the harsh Canadian cold? Dreaming of king size beds and margaritas by the beach at a resort thats got an awesome deal right now?

Los Cabos, Mexico


GREAT I’m jealous, But lets be real here how many of us plan a trip and stay a hotel or tropical resort without looking at some online reviews first? How else are you going to know if there are cockroaches under the bed? I personally do some intense research before booking, and trip advisor is great for just that. But what if you’re the one who found the cockroaches under your bed on your last getaway and want to tell the world about your experience? Well you can do that too. But before you do here are some important facts on how you can do that with out getting  yourself into trouble.
  1. First off you’ve gotta be 13 years of age or older to register for an account. (not quite sure why the age starts at 13 but thats besides the point). So if you’re under age trip advisor has full rights to remove your account and all its content.
  2. Its free! There’s no fee to sign up.
  3. When you do sign up they’ll keep the information you give them private but remember don’t lie because you’re agreeing what you’re giving them is true.
  4. Any review, written content or photograph you post can be removed if it contains profanity, is misleading, false, harassing, offensive, contains illegal info , is spam or pornographic (sorry guys gotta keep your nudes to yourself)
  5. Follow all the copyright laws. If it’s not yours don’t say it is! advice-mallard-image-300x209
  6. A cool thing about trip advisor is while you search resorts and hotels you can also book right from their site with something they call “instant booking” but just remember they aren’t responsible  for anything you do on any third party site, Meaning they have nothing to do with trip advisor. Also when you do book any flights remember to make sure all your passport or visa requirements  are in order before booking because once again they won’t be liable.
  7. Need to change your currency before traveling? Want to know what the rates are at? Maybe try a more reliable always up to date website! Because trip advisor doesn’t update rates daily like others do. So they’re not responsible if something is wrong.
  8. You are responsible for everything you post or do. By using their website you’ve agreed that you understand this. You will be held accountable for everything you do using their server.

One last thing…….



2 thoughts on “Trip Advisor 101

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter…I followed all 8 steps, but still got into trouble so I need some halp. Step 2 really confused me at first, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly (Mom always told me I was a fast learner). After I got past that hurdle I didn’t have too much trouble, but I wish trip advisor included a way for me to check out the bathrooms at each of these places before I book. Just would like to see what model of toilets these bad boys are rockin’…gotta be able to handle what this girl is firing out of her butt-gun if you known what I mean….anyways great article!


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