Nostalgia featuring Sum41

Tuesday night here in Toronto I checked a teenage dream of mine off my life long bucket list, see Sum41  in concert. Back in the day (which lets keep in mind isn’t very long since i’m pretty young) I was obsessed and not of legal age to be going to 19+ events which most of their shows were at the time. By the time I was old enough to go they had stopped making new music and touring. Adolescent me was crushed, But after a while i grew out of the thick black eye liner and an arm full of spiked bracelets and left my hardcore bands with them. The band announced that their reunion tour ” don’t call it a sum back tour”  was coming to Toronto back in August and you could just imagine my excitement I had to get tickets and I did! The tour also featured another old favourite of mine Senses fail.

They chose a pretty small venue ,which made the show pretty personal and well sweaty!. I purchased floor seats to be able to be as close as possible, When I can thats what i usually do for smaller venues. I didn’t get too close tho! The closer you get the more likely it is for you to end up in a mosh pit, and well those can be pretty scary. Here are some pictures..


Senses Fail


Remember what i said about mosh pits…. Here’s exactly what i meant.

All in all i had a wicked time. Would i do it again? Probably not for sum41, I think once is enough for a show like this. Check out Hopeless records  Youtube for some new tracks off their new album!


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