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I bet you’re reading this thinking Gary Vaynerchuk? Who the hell is that and why should i care? To put it simply Gary builds business and very very very well. So well that he took his families 3M dollar wine business to a 60$M business in just five years. He now runs VaynerMedia one of the worlds hottest digital agencies. Gary hit it big by investing in companies like Facebook, Uber, Twitter, and even birchbox before he co founded VaynerRSE a 25M investment Fund. With 374,555 youtube subscribers, 2,335,839  followers on his google+, 1.35 million twitter fans, and 660K followers on instagram Gary is killing it in the digital world. What does that mean for you? Probably nothing you think right?  Wrong.  It means a tun of insight on how to build your business, Some inspo on how to get shit done and how to really work hard for what you want in life.

As a marketing student i love Gary’s business tactics, determination and ability to inspire not only  young but old entrepreneurs.  By posting so many different types of content on different platforms he truly sets a prime example of what it is to be successful in the digital marketing sector while producing the same types of content only executed differently to suit each of his platforms. Regardless if your a student, starting a new business, or have been an entrepreneur for decades Gary has something for you. Along with his written blogs up on his website he also has vlogs up on his youtube channel which are my favourite because you get to listen to his tone and truly get a good understanding of his messages. Ive complied 4 of my favourite Vlogs below that i think everyone should watch.

1.Theres plenty of time to get shit done : 57,649 Views

This is my favourite Gary V video. It just resinates with me like it should with everyone else because there is one thing we all do on monday mornings, and thats complain. Why does monday have to be the worst day of the week? Why do we make the most excuses? Why do we walk around thinking its okay to not be motivated because its a monday? I love this blog video because its a nice blunt a kick in the ass. Your level of Motivation shouldn’t increase and decrease by what day of the week it is, when you truly want something nothing should get in your way of that, Like Gary states in this video we are so privileged to grow up in a era where we have the internet to help build the dreams we dream of, Not just as entrepreneurs but just for our lives in general. We have so much at our disposal but are constantly complaining about how hard we have it. When you want something, NOTHING should get in your way…. not even a monday.

2. LISTEN UP INTERNS: 28,705 views

Intern: noun; a student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience.  This is what us millennials all know about being interns, you gotta work for free to gain experience that will hopefully land you a job, but according to Gary none of that matters.  As a marketing student I love this video because it really puts in perspective all things about being an intern that matter. The most important being the relationships you choose to make with people, not the work you do because lets face it half the time you’re not doing anything super important anyways your just an intern with no experience. What is truly key here is to make connections. Make it a point to meet people, Go to events and talk to people instead of hiding behind others because your scared. If your out going then show that, If you know something show people, If  your more of the quiet type sorry too bad SNAP OUT OF IT!  making connections is the most important thing you can take from an internship. Don’t sit at desk in the office waiting for someone to give you instructions make yourself known to people. Make them remember you as that ” bundle of joy ” intern or “the one that was always talking about guacamole” At the end of it, it doesn’t matter as long as you make an impression, and not just with your skills no matter how much you think they’re whats most important there NOT. There is nothing more important then the potential opportunities you can create for yourself in the industry  by putting in the effort and making those connections.


3.OVER NIGHT SUCCESS: 282,701 views

Im becoming this guy, I got so many god damn emails from friends in high school when i was showing up in magazines and Tv shows saying oh my god Gary your so lucky, And i wrote back to each and every single one of them and said Let me just clarify one thing i worked every single god damn day since i was 14 years old so you can keep that luck shit in your pocket


In this video we see a little bit of how Gary has grown his very successful business. While most of us are guilty of looking at successful entrepreneurs and saying how lucky they are to have what they have, Gary is quick to show us that there is no such thing as over night success. Nothing comes to those who wait, anything worth having isn’t going to come easy, and if you don’t fight for it you just don’t deserve to have it. The first month Gary had done wine Library Tv was the first time his wine business had not grown over the prior years revenue ,but he had the patience to let his work play out. That came at cost because he wasn’t making any money being patient, but with time and his never ending efforts things grew. When we don’t achieve results right away we give up and that is coming from the expensive of being lazy and not working hard enough because we want luxury all the time. We want to go grab that beer on a friday night, and spend a sunday “Netflix and chilling”. Instead of hopping well be successful and wishing to have what someone else has worked hard. You want this” over night success” well you have to hustle and put in work. Not for a month, not for 9 months, a year, 5 years, a decade, but for as long as it takes. You must build your empire not just dream of it.  When something isn’t working and you are not seeing results you give up and just move on. And thats why you don’t deserve to have it and thats why you wont. Nothing in life is free, it takes hard work, it takes dedication, it takes giving up those weekends and evenings of doing nothing. It comes from being in the right spot because you worked your ass off to get there. There is no over night success, only excuses and justifications.

Unfortunately not everyone is going to grasp the main focus of this video…but you cant win them all right? 
A lot of you have business that actually could be successful but you have 17 employes when you should have 5, but you wanna you have a nice office in soho instead of somewhere shitty”


screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-4-55-03-pmIm just gonna leave this right here… it applies to everything in #3.This is a clip from this years propeller conference. Gary speak out on how we are not entitled to success, and how sometimes the odds are not always in our favour and THATS OKAY.



The tittle of this video is called one piece of content away but all i see is” attention bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs”  Gary stresses the hell out of this, content is everything.  This video features some of Gary’s best video content which most have  over millions of views. Content is everything from written to video to pictures. We must keep creating because one piece of content can change your entire game no matter what it may be.  I love this video because he’s 100% spot on with his message here, Without putting out content we are invisible to our cause, And theres no way you can truly be successful if no one knows you or your brand exists.
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This is a great example of how Gary uses engagement to generate questions to create content.
I reached out and asked a question and he responded, He’s pretty good with answering as many people as possible but i was extremely excited to get a direct response from him.  Aside from being a tad star struck, Of course i loved his witty answer to my question and ill keep an eye out to see if he uses it in any dailyvee’s .

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Also had a fellow tweeter add me to one of his lists “AskGaryVee Peeps” which i found pretty cool!

In conclusion, If you take anything from this at all i hope its this..


You don’t have to be a business owner, In marketing, or be an entrepreneur to be inspired by Gary. But if you are it should show you that YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO HUSTLE AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

Thirsty for more garyV?

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