Did someone say pizza?


Last week I stumbled upon an article on Narcity  about the best” hot and cheesy Toronto pizza places “. My mouth instantly watered at just the headline. After seeing some of these places I knew I had to try them for myself. 

I thought I’d start with the first on the list maker pizza it’s off Spadina on Cameron st. First off it’s super super cute on the outside, all black with its logo along the side of the place, super inviting.  I love the walls and simplicity of this place plus the wall deco just screams cute insta pic.

Like I said… Instagram worthy…

Enough about the interior decor… We’re here to talk about the pizza and oh is it ever something to talk about. They have 3 standard sizes 12,16,18 inches.Since there were two of us and we were feeling pretty hungry we went with the 18inch (large).  They have a bunch of amazing options or you can make your own pizza down to the type of crust and  the sauce you choose.  We decided to make our own and went with a red sauce base, parmesan crust, cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms. Usually id go crazy with toppings but my boys a little picky… so we stuck to some basics! Amazing none the less!

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 9.07.18 PM.png
Like the list said…. it was cheesy and oozing with goodness. Definitely lived up to the expectation and id go back for sure.

Check out the list for yourself here! Been to any of these places? Any recommendations on where i should go next? give me a shout!

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