Nordstrom Sale

So yesterday me and my bestie  decided to check out the Nordstrom sale, Ive heard awesome stuff from other bloggers who have gone previously but when you hear Nordstrom you don’t exactly think great prices. The flyer says up to 80% off which made me a little sceptical but let me tell you everything was reasonably priced for the brands you were getting and it was worth it, I got some great deals and left super super happy!

1. This was by far my favourite find of the day, a 100% cashmere turtle neck sweater from Halogen ( a brand exclusive to Nordstrom) I cant even begin to describe to you how soft this thing is. It retails for 248.00$ but i paid 29.99$…YES ONLY 29.99$ FOR 100% CASHMERE!

2.When i saw these Jeffrey campbell booties i freaked out and grabbed them, how amazing are these? Love the detailing and the color is perfect they retail for 237.00$ and I got them for 55bucks!!!

3. I got this super cute top from Leith (also exclusive to Nordstrom) retails for 58$ and i got it for 16.99$

3. I two got hand bags / purses because i couldn’t choose which one i wanted more.. and keep in mind i already put some back these were the ones that made the final cut.

This first one is from BP It retails for 58$ and i got it for 30$

The second one is from Sole Society, Its the marlow purse. Retails for 70$ paid 30$ also!

4. When I saw these I  called my best friend over so she could cry of happiness with me…. 

They were the only ones, they were my size, and basically it was a sign they were meant to be found by me.  I paid only 50$ for those super amazing Tory Burtch flats! I’ll be saving these for next summer tho!

5. Steve Madden Elenaorr lace up flats! Paid 50$ they retail for 120.00 i already have a pair from Zara but these are real leather so I couldn’t resist. 

6. Last but not least these super cute Steve Madden leather pumps, paid 25$ not sure what they retail for! Got my mama a pair too!

If your a hat lover which I’m not because they look horrible on me, they had some amazing hats for 15$

All in all the sale is definitely worth checking out if your just as brand obsessed as I am or even to get some Christmas shopping done! they’ve even got some cute men’s stuff too! 

Happy shopping!








6 thoughts on “Nordstrom Sale

  1. I can’t even describe upset I am over those Jeffrey Campbell booties!! I’m GAGGING because they are so DOPE. I need them but I’m almost positive I won’t be able to find them for that price. I love your style just off those booties alone, I will be looking forward to updates!


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