Naughty Or Nice?

Christmas is my  favourite time of the year, I love getting together with family and friends, baking holiday treats, decorating the house in fake snow and watching the excitement of my  loved ones opening their gifts. With that being said, I know christmas isn’t about what you get and i truly appreciate everything that was given to me. From the countless beauty products,  Bath Balms and accessories, i definitely received some things i wanted and some super awesome stuff that wasn’t on my christmas list. I think its safe to say i was more nice than naughty this year and santa really came through for me!

Aritzia Gift Cards: Most people feel that gift cards are such an impersonal gift, I actually love them especially when they’re to Aritzia. If you know me you know this is where i love to shop and you cant wrong with this.

the best .gif

Alex And Ani: One of my best friends got me this adorable silver friendship bracelet, I thought the concept of the two otters that conjoin and hold hands was the cutest thing ever.

The  Wildred Free Neelam Coat: This was the gift of all gifts. Ive wanted this coat for two years now and always debated buying it. I had mentioned in the store one day while shopping with my boyfriend that it would be a boxing day purchase this year so he ended up surprising me and buying it for me as a gift along with some tights. He did well, I was super excited when i opened the box.

Obviously I wore it immediately the next day  to christmas dinner

Even this little one liked my new coat. 

Michael Kors Side Bag : So this wasn’t a surprise as i was at the store with my mother and picked it out but i loved it and my mom wraps everything regardless if you picked it out or not. I didn’t have a nice square styled side bag yet and this one is the perfect size to fit my wallet and everything else us gals keep in our bags. 

Brunette The Label: My best friend and I must share the same brain because Ive wanted one of these sweat shirts for a really long time but never mentioned it to her and she ended up getting me one this year. I know its super simple and basic but thats what i love about it!  she got the brunette one so i’m sure you’ll see a selfie of a us together in them at some point. 

Charmed Aroma: I LOVE CANDLES! and these charmed aroma ones are so cool, Not only do i get a candle that smells awesome i get a ring valued between 50 to 5000$ inside? What women would not like this? There priced pretty fairly for what your getting and they just added bath bombs and scrubs  with the same concept as well. Ill definitely be ordering some.

Just Bieber: Okay so Im going to sound like a huge fan girl but i am a “belieber”…  And i don’t care who knows it.I have tried countless times last year with every pre-sale code every day only to fill my cart with tickets and then have ticket master crash leaving me with nothing but tears in my eyes four days in a row. My sister got me the ultimate gift this year (sorry everyone i loved you gifts but nothing can top this and you know it. ) Floor seats for his September 2017 show next year in Toronto.


This was me… And then i cried, Yes i cried.. A grown women cried of excitement over Justin Bieber, Go Ahead Judge me. 

Ill be counting down the days JB.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 5.33.14 PM.png


Hope everyone had a great christmas and enjoyed time off with their loved ones just like i did!

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