NYE glitz: Do It For The Selfie 

I’m guilty of doing almost anything for the perfect photo-op. Backgrounds are everything to me. I wanted to order a tinsel backdrop for some fun New Year’s Eve pictures but even with express shipping I wouldn’t receive it on time since I slacked on ordering it.. so I started brain storming ideas on how I could do something cute and cheap. While strolling through  Wal-Mart yesterday I saw they had all their Christmas decor at 50% off and that’s when I ran to find some tinsel! BINGO!! I can cover a wall with this and make a glitzy background!

I picked a bunch of this stuff up for 1.97! I used about 12 packages to cover an entire wall in my living room.

It was so easy to do, all you do is measure, cut and stick it to your wall vertically.

You can choose how much of the wall you want covered depending on how your going to set up your “photo booth” I continued and filled the entire wall which is what I recommend but it’s all up to you!

 I also recommend  using painters tape so when you take it all down it doesn’t rip the paint off of your walls.  Once you’ve done the entire wall you can round up your family and friends throw on some hats and get ready for some glittery  selfies!

I’ll be sure to do a New Years post and show you all how my finished product turned out! Decide to try this out yourself? I’d love to see how yours came out!

Wishing you all a safe, fun, and glitter filled New Years. See you in 2017♥!

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