Toronto Christmas Market

Last weekend i checked out the Toronto Christmas market at Distillery District.  I love christmas, something about all the lights and giant trees filled with them just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. If your love Christmas and want a night around with all of its fun The Christmas market is definitely worth checking out. So get some mulled wine, Check out some art, shop … Continue reading Toronto Christmas Market

Farewell Summer

Hello september,

Summer you’ve been a blast but now its time to say goodbye! As much as i love heat of the summer and being able to throw on some flip flops and run out the door, I could not be more excited for the chilly summer weather to arrive. When Labour day long weekend hits that is when you know its really over. So what does one do to end of their last weekend of the summer with a bang in Toronto you ask? Take a look at what i did this weekend. Continue reading “Farewell Summer”